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Grand Performers Asian Aviation Centre Graduation Awards 2013


Edmund Praveen Samarasekera Wijetunge

Special Award for First Class in BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (2011-2013)

Kingston University UK

With pending A/L results I joined the Asian Aviation Center in 2011. Although there were many institutions which offered the same degree that I started the BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, the affiliation with the Kingston University London seemed the best for my future.

As a self-starter and a hard worker, first year of study work seemed to me a lot easy. After the successful completion of my first year of study I was sent for an industrial training. This is when I realized my fullest capacity and realized how competitive it is in the industry. The industrial training built my character and confidence and developed my soft skills, which helped me in my final year presentation work. At Asian Aviation Center I was awarded the Best Student Award in the first and the second years of study in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Going to the United Kingdom and living on my own was a good experience. Hard work together with determination was the key for my success.I was always a self-starter didn’t think far ahead but took each challenge as it came. I didn’t aim for a first class but always wanted to give my best. I was among the very few students who achieved a first class degree from the engineering students at Kingston University London.

As a fresh graduate from the University, I am currently working as a Graduate Engineer. I would certainly give my very best to achieve the highest level as I have always done so.

Edmund Praveen receiving his award from Mr Nishantha Wickremasinghe, Chairman Sri Lankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka.


N.M.K.S. Esala

Best Student Award and Best Academic Performer Award (Jointly Awarded)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (2011-2013)


From My child days if there was a dream that I wanted to achieve in my life it was to become an Aircraft Engineer. So I joined AAC in 2011 as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering student immediately after my A/L’s. I can happily say today that Asian Aviation Center was the initial stepping stone for me to get in to achieving my dreams. The main reason I selected AAC is the recommendation I received from ex-students and the recognition it had achieved over the years.

From the first day I started at AAC I learnt a lot, not only from what was on the syllabus, but if we had any doubts or questions that involved our field, the lecturers were kind enough to explain them to us. All these training gave me the ability to grow as a more rounded and capable person. It was icing on the cake for the two great years I had at AAC when I became the Batch Top for the year 2013.

The moments spent with the other students conducting several fun filled and educating activities were unforgettable .I am extremely satisfied with the time I spent at AAC .Thinking about my future it won’t be a road with rose petals obviously there’s a lot more hard work needed as a fresh graduate that steps out to the work place. Time has come now for me to make the maximum use of the knowledge and experience I gained from AAC to achieve my dream of becoming an Aircraft Engineer in a leading Aircraft Company.

Sidath Esala receiving his award from Mr Nishantha Wickremasinghe, Chairman Sri Lankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka.


Dion Sahideen

Best Student Award and Best Academic Performer Award (Jointly Awarded)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (2011-2013)


I always wanted a career in the field of Science and Technology. Inspired by my parents’ profession and being fascinated by Aircrafts since childhood, I too choose the field of Aviation after my A/L’s in 2011. Asian Aviation Centre has been well-known for educating enthusiasts who want to begin their career in the field of Aviation. During my A/L’s in school I always wanted to become an engineer to be in a place of control and to take responsibilities. I decided to study Aircraft Maintenance Engineering which I found deeply satisfying. The dedicated hard work placed me Batch Top in the induction program.

With comprehensive study materials and guidance from the most excellent lecture panel I completed the course in 2013 June by winning the award for the Best Student and the award for Best Academic Performance. My time spent at AAC was adventurous and joyous. As soon as I finished my course I was offered on the job training at AAC itself where I currently work on their operating aircrafts.

My future plans as a freshly graduated student is to join an airline after my job training at AAC and excel to prove myself that I can make all my dreams come true. The decision I made in order to choose my career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer through hard work and perseverance is by far the best decision I’ve made in my life.


Rajitha Hiran De Silva

Best Student Award and Best Academic Performer Award

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (2010-2012)

Batch XXVI

After completing my A/L’s I joined the Asian Aviation Centre to commence my studies to pursue my childhood dream of being in the field of Aviation. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course was the initial step taken to this long successful journey. During my studies at AAC I met many others who had the same desire as I did. We enjoyed every moment together and learnt so much from the well experienced lecture panel who shared their knowledge with us abundantly. I took every exam quite seriously as I aimed at doing extremely well at my studies. I was rewarded for that. I won the award for the Best Academic Performance and the Best Student Award in my batch. Now fresh from college I am qualified to apply to any Airline in the world.

All I have to say to all you young ones who are keen on entering the field of Aviation is that , plenty of people will be there to offer advice, but you should listen to your heart first. Confidence is a stain that no one can wipe off. Believe in yourself, figure out what you are capable of and give your best shot to be the best. Aircraft Engineering is a wide subject area but as long as you have the will, I guarantee you; nothing can stop you from getting what you want.


:: Other success stories ::

A word from few of the many  successful Aerospace Engineers

now in the UK from the Asian Aviation Centre Sri Lanka


Rashitha Jayasekara

28 years

BSc (Hons) Aerospace Engineering (2004-2007)

Aircraft  Manufacturing Engineer-Rolls Royce United Kingdom

I joined the Asian Aviation Centre Pvt (Ltd) in the year 2004 and enrolled with Kingston University London, to acquire a BSc (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering. The two years I spent at AAC was very useful and it gave me a strong foundation to my degree. It was also an economical way to join the Kingston University. I was given sufficient help from AAC towards my final year in Kingston. Kingston is a welcoming university for foreign students. I successfully graduated with a first class and was batch top in the year 2007 at Kingston.

After three wonderful and successful years of studies in the field of Aerospace Engineering, my one year’s job placement was at General Electric United Kingdom. I received abundant support from my University in order to get into this job. The career consultants at Kingston were very helpful in improving my CV and interview skills which were essential for my success at GE. At the end of my year in the placement, I had improved both my skills and knowledge on the industry that I had several job opportunities in hand. However I decided to join Rolls Royce as an Aero Engine Manufacturing Engineer. This was a significant acceleration in my career as I managed to skip the two year graduate program at Rolls Royce as well. Currently, I lead a small team of Manufacturing Engineers in my new position as the Manufacturing Systems Lead for United Kingdom Discs Plants. As part of my continuous professional development Rolls Royce sponsors my Masters Degree from the University of Bristol.

It was my absolute dream to master in the field of Aerospace .I dreamt of it since childhood and I am indeed grateful to AAC for introducing me to the Kingston University and paving a way for such opportunity in my life. Whilst sincerely thanking all my lecturers and staff at both AAC and Kingston for this tremendous journey they have taken my life through, I recommend all my fellow Sri Lankan brothers and sisters to take the path of Aerospace Engineering as it certainly can bring you a career and experience that is certainly life changing. Following your childhood dreams, is doing justice to yourself!


“Excellent teaching standards and staff, a taught curriculum based on a recognized UK university course and a fascinating as well as involving environment to study (near aircraft hangers) are a few reasons why I chose to study at the Asian Aviation Centre.

When time came for the final year AAC offered excellent support in preparing for my third year at Kingston.
Kingston University provides students with the best exposure to studying and living abroad and provides much needed insight as to what current engineering industries expect from a graduate.

The degree is also highly recognized in UK and is accredited by engineering institutions such as the Royal aeronautical society, IET and IMechE.

The study route via AAC has also helped save money without compromising quality of the knowledge and resources gained through the degree. AAC is also the best and only academy in Sri Lanka that provides students the opportunity to obtain knowledge in a field such as Aerospace engineering at a relatively low cost.

All these reasons as well as Kingston University being one of the best universities to study Engineering, is why I would highly recommend AAC and Kingston University to any prospective undergraduate.”

Dhayan Katugaha


“Asian Aviation Centre provided me with the valuable opportunity to study a Mechanical Engineering degree accredited to Kingston University London. The availability of excellent lecturers from some of Sri Lanka’s premier educational institutions and knowledgeable technical staff, guaranteed a course which was both theoretically and practically superior.

As an added benefit I was also supported in following an industrial placement which galvanized the learning experience and gave me a solid foundation for a career in Engineering.”

Kanishka Goonesekera
BEng (hons), MIET, AMIMechE


“Certificate in Engineering-Aircraft Maintenance (Mechanical) course of Regency Institute of Technical and Further Education (TAFE)  2003 (TAFE 5), followed on to do the Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering (FdEng) (2003) completed the BEng (Hons) Degree in Aircraft Engineering (2007) at Kingston university uk.

Those considering gaining a recognised higher educational qualification in order to get employed   in an aeronautical engineering career you always wanted. The ideal preliminary point especially while residing in Sri Lanka would be at the Asian Aviation Centre.
It is the best aeronautical engineering academy in the island, has experienced lectures, many courses, a reasonable fee structure and the ideal engineering atmosphere located inside the airport.

Furthermore AAC paves the path to enter the Kingston University with ease. The Kingston university qualification is highly regarded by the engineering industries in England and elsewhere especially when it comes being employed.”


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